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Don’t worry, I’m perfectly safe- and I still think something is the fuck up with this DEA agent

June 28, 2013


To: Macie Re: re: don’t worry sweetie! Hey kiddo, yes your Mom is right they may have caught the guys who murdered the police-guy here in Bogota. But remember, they’re not guilty just yet. But if they are the guys who did it I hope they get in as much trouble as possible. And please […]

DEA agent killed in Colombia- and the buttfucking of tourism here….again

June 25, 2013


To: Macie Re: Don’t worry sweetie! Hi princess, I’m fine, please tell everyone not to worry about me. Yes, an American was killed in my city, but I don’t live very close. It’s actually a very nice neighborhood but stuff like that is why I always call for a taxi and don’t get one in […]