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Music in Colombia- and the shit that has somehow migrated here from the USA

June 25, 2013


To: Luke Re: music down here Hey buddy, I bet you’re glad summer vacation is finally here. I hope you have fun in the pool, tell Mimi to take some videos of the tricks you’re trying this year. You’re right- there is a lot of music called ‘Salsa’ here but no, it’s not the stuff […]

Menu- hockers- and the assholes who try to push menus on you in the middle of the street

June 20, 2013


To: Macie Re: Restaurants in Colombia Hi Kiddo, Yes a lot of the restaurants are the same here. There’s a lot of the same ones like you go to in the mall like TGIF’s or McDonald’s, etc.. The fast food restaurants, whether it’s McDonalds or not are actually a litle nicer inside. But they do […]

Pics of the Dog- and Free- Swinging Nutsacks

June 13, 2013


To: Grammy Re: Bruno the dog Hi Grammy, I’m glad you and Grandpa liked the pictures of Bruno. I guess he’s not a puppy anymore, he’s seven years old! He can be difficult at times, but truthfully I like having him around. He barks a lot like Misty used to and isn’t nearly as peaceful […]

Crippling back pain- and Thank Christ Vicodin is over the counter

June 6, 2013


To: Macie Re: re: which side of the road does Colombia drive? Hi Kiddo, Thanks for another email honey, I really like reading them and your spelling is so good now. You must be getting older! People here drive on the right side of the toad like we do back home. But you’re right, most […]